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Question   Incredible Images
I particularly liked your photographs of birds and your landscape images. The use of light in your photography is outstanding.

- Dudley Warner December 06, 2012

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Question   Botanicals
I have just finished brousing your set of 64 Botanicals, Bob. Congratulations on wonderful work. Beautiful vivid colours and good focus where it is needed. The black backgrounds you have used on many of the shots bring out the beauty of the subject matter so beautifully. I would be interested to know whether you have used focus stacking on any of the shots?
Keep up the good work - a real pleasure to view.

- Robert Green August 22, 2012

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Question   Just finished browsing your Bombay Hook photos
Amazing! Hope you teach another Ches College IAL class! I am learning so much but have a long way to go! Currently considering joining the Talbot Club. My current goal for this month is to take and post a photo a day for critique! Hope all is well and you are enjoying the great weather!

- Mary Meinhold May 01, 2012

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Question   Wonderful Pictures
I am so glad Raina told me about your site...your pictues are amazing and so detailed.

- Nicole Stone March 02, 2011

  Answer Thanks for your kind words!

- Bob Miller  March 02, 2011

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Question   Wonderful Photography
Your ability to capture the moment is wonderful. Your post processing if fantastic.

Just great!

- Jordan Basem January 06, 2011

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Question   Site
Bob, great site, Mike

- Mike Thomas November 05, 2009

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Question   Reviewing site
I enjoyed your family pics.

- Kacia Smouse July 10, 2009

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